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Traditional, family owned for over 40 years “main street” jewelry store located in Bayonne, New Jersey offering wide selection of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, traditional jewelry pieces as well as watches.  Also Company offers jewelry and watches repair as well as buying gold and silver unwanted jewelry and coins.

Contact information
Company Name: Stanley Jewelers
Address: 540 Broadway
City/State: Bayonne, NJ
Zip Code: 07002
Phone: +1 201 437-8342
Opening Hours:
Monday: 9:30am – 7pm
Tuesday: 9:30am – 6pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 9:30am – 7pm
Friday: 9:30am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed
StyleCaster. Platinum is naturally white while white gold is naturally yellow. White gold gets its appearance from alloys that are combined with gold and a rhodium plating. Over time, the plating will wear off and reveal a yellowish tinge, so white gold rings will eventually need to be replated and repolished. While platinum holds its color and is naturally stronger and heavier than white gold, it scratches easier, so it will also need to be repolished from time to time. In terms of cost, here’s a little-known fact: Platinum and 18K gold are actually about the same price per ounce—it just takes twice as much platinum to make a ring as it does gold, which is why platinum rings are more expensive.…
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